PICNICS at the FARM, We are offering a weekly menu of authentic, locally-grown Korean dishes for small parties to enjoy at private picnic sites. You’ll be able to stay socially distant while getting close to nature in the fresh air. We will be inviting guests to join us on the farm for these informal picnics each Thursday, Friday and Sunday from August 2nd to October 11.


Marching, 12 Newsletter

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2019 CSA info  

February 12 Newsletter

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Year of the Pig newsletter

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Newsletter 12/12-12/18

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Green Earth kimchee challenge intro. Dec 1, 2018

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Kimchee tasting at Green Earth Store in Oneonta, NY.  Try our seasonal kimchee with Madalyn and learn about the 21 Day Kimchee Challenge, KIMCHEE Challenge: 21 days to INCREASE HAPPINESS Achieve a baseline in your GI and promote healthy gut flora by eating a little bit of kimchee everyday.  Promote a healthy immune system, encourage unique thoughts, increase nutrient absorption, more serotonin, and on and on. EAT 1 tbsp - ½ cup EVERY DAY, can not skip a day. 11am - 2pm, Saturday December 1st.  4 Market Street Oneonta, NY 13820