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Farmstead Fermented and Fresh Specialty Produce

06 Jul '18

OPENING PARTY! July 13th open till 6pm.

Posted by Duke Huang

July 5, 2018


CONTACT: Madalyn Warren, madalyn.warren@gmail.com



ROXBURY, NY -- EAST BRANCH FARMS announces the grand opening of KIMCHEE HARVEST KITCHEN, a new seasonal farm-to-table fast casual restaurant serving breakfast and lunch on Main Street in downtown Roxbury, on Friday, July 13, 2018. Located in the The Queens Mountain Inn (53470 State Highway 30, Roxbury, NY 12474), the restaurant is open Fri-Sun 7 am -2 pm, and features an ever-changing seasonal menu highlighting ingredients sourced from East Branch Farms, the organic Roxbury farm owned and operated by Madalyn Warren.

Chef Toko Harada prepares a Japanese-inspired cuisine, from pickled eggs and rice patties, to vegetable-forward rice bowls, to a beef curry. Banchan - a selection of small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine - is also available anytime. Madalyn’s well known farm select Kimchee Harvest products figure prominently in the restaurant’s signature lunch dish, Kimchee Fried Rice. A variety of kimchee products, from traditional napa, red and green cabbage, to ramps, radish, dandelion, beets and even rhubarb prepared with oysters, are also available for tasting and purchase. Any ingredients not produced on East Branch Farms are sourced from local organic producers.

Kimchee Harvest Kitchen is a natural extension of the operations at East Branch Farms, and is truly a family affair. Madalyn tends the land and harvests the organic vegetables that are the bedrock of the food served at the Kitchen. Her mother, Ji Young Kim, who taught her how to make traditional kimchee as a child, works with Madalyn to create new variations of kimchee products based on the seasonal bounty from the farm. Ji also leads kimchee workshops, “Fermental with Ms. Kim” on the farm, which include educational and hands-on components. Madalyn’s brother, Arthur, a chef who previously worked at Woodnotes Grill in Mount Tremper, is also an integral member of the team in the kitchen.  

“I believe there is a demand for local, healthy, farm direct food in the area,” says farmer and restaurateur, Madalyn Warren. “Eating seasonally helps naturally feed the body the nutrients it needs at any given time of year. For our family, it’s really an exciting, full circle venture to be able to have a retail space off the farm to creatively feature what we are producing.”

The restaurant, which opened for previews on Friday, June 8, will open officially on Friday, July 13. Opening day hours will be extended until 6 pm.

02 Feb '18

February 2, MIDDLE winter

Posted by madalyn warren
We are inching along towards longer days and the season of bitter greens and ramps. My friend Old Man Cowan said we should be half way through our wood piles and hay.  Most of us hit that mark a couple weeks ago after harsh weather at the end of December and early January.  Im still doing research about the varieties of plants to grow out in 2018, so many decisions to make, all of which are much easier now that we have an added value kitchen at the farm.  The greatest season extender and pressure relief valve for a produce operation is the added value kitchen. Its an enterprise onto itself, with more work and more expenses but the overall effect on the whole farm is less pressure and an increased sense of resource management.   Season extenders such as cold hearty variety selection, hoop houses, mulching, etc are all very limited in overall impact on the farm, where no matter what, nature is the boss.
30 Jan '18

Farm Selects: Poughkeepsie Farm Project Mu

Posted by madalyn warren
Poughkeepsie Farm Project's MU (Korean Radishes) have been fermenting here for a few weeks and are ready for market tomorrow. Look for PFP Radish Kimchee.
Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a model farm for holistic management in the Hudson Valley. With year round food production, hands on education, equanimity with the natural environment and pedal to the metal community outreach we encourage you to eat, support and follow PFP's efforts.  Located at Vassar College home of WVKR 91.3fm!