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Farmstead Fermented and Fresh Specialty Produce

29 Aug '17

Riding That Train, September 28th, 2017

Posted by madalyn warren

Delaware & Ulster Railroad is hosting a taste of the Catskills. All aboard for an evening ride up the East Branch River eating and drinking our regions peak season bounty.  Kimchee Harvest will be on board and we look forward to seeing you there. 

Image by Nicole Day, Catskill Harvest


11 Apr '17

April 11th and almost 80 degrees F in Roxbury

Posted by madalyn warren
Extra hot summers seem to be the new normal for the northeast so I plan to accommodate the climate and plant more eggplant.  In past years, eggplant has been more or less a novelty crop given the plants preference for warm long seasons.  The greenhouse will soon be busting at the seams with transplants but in the field I admit, Im off to a slow start,  4 rows of fava beans seeded and a short row of snow peas is the extent of it.   With farmers markets just around the corner the urgency of field work has begun to weigh in on my time.  Given the wet and snowy conditions in March and early April, I decided to get the usual direct seeded crops going in the greenhouse and will for the first time be transplanting lettuce, frisee, swiss chard and beets in a couple weeks.
22 Mar '16

PRINT forager and company

Posted by madalyn warren
Aprile Ferrer, WWOOFed on the farm for a couple weeks last season and returned to work at Print recommending my veggies to Print's forager, Meghan Boledovich, who started ordering with me right away.  Like all good foragers, Meghan has visited the farm a few times and on the last trip she made the trip with a couple of co-workers, including Print's new Pastry Chef, Amy Hess.    We ate biscuits, maple syrup dumplings, big salads, tomato soup and drank hot toddies with hemlock tea.  They all helped me clean up last seasons' black plastic laid out for melons, set up the chicken's summer house and seed some brassicas in the greenhouse.   Meghan also helped me cope with a problem weed growing out in the field, chickweed. Chickweed has been a challenge for me to deal with being the first to germinate and seeming to have a freaky ability to stay buried alive without photosynthesis.  Meghan told me Chef Charles at Print loves chickweed and sent me a link to an article Chickweed: A Delicious and Nutritious ... Weed
Im not impressed with the flavor but the leaves offer a succulent snappy texture for oral pleasure and the plant is LOADED with nutrients and minerals well suited for a woman's body.  I consider it to be a well balanced plant, perfect for a few seconds in my mouth then feeding my body for the hours and hours traveling through my guts.   Im not exactly sure how the new appreciation for chickweed will help me control it in the field, but replacing disdain with affection is a good start.