East Branch Farms

East Branch Farm uses organic and biodynamic farming practices to produce the freshest, most nutritious and flavorful food around. You will not find any pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and, of course, no chemical fertilizers. Delivered straight out of the ground to your neighborhood, we are so happy to grow, harvest, cook and share this food with you and your families.

The vegetables, herbs and fruit at East Branch Farms are grown in the East Branch River valley, Northwest Catskills, approx 1600'.   Over 360 million years ago the Catskills region was an inland sea and site of a devonian forest.  The ancient soils were first cultivated by the Lenni Lenape women, growing corn, beans and squash.

Today the landscape is a diverse patchwork of small farms, fields and forests where a delicious variety of food is produced.   Diversity is high on the value chain here with multiple enterprises including The Straight Out of the Ground CSA, Kimchee Harvest LLC, produce grown for farmers markets, produce grown for local and NYC restaurants and our little farmstand. 

October view of the farm from the D+U Train along the East Branch River, photo by Christine. 

Isadora, Guernsey, Ivan, son of Isadora, and Blink, Jersey heifer, East Branch Farms

Brother Arthur at Tovey Halleck Roxbury, NY Farm

Sister Jennifer, at Kingston Farmers Market, posing for large scale velvet painting, Jenny is a velvet painter.




Mother, Ji Young, cleaning scallions.


Catskills delicacy, Ramps ready for kimchee.


Spring time.