East Branch Farms

The vegetables, herbs and fruit for Straight Out of the Ground CSA are grown in the East Branch River valley, Northwest Catskills, approx 1600'.   Over 360 million years ago the Catskills region was an inland sea and site of a devonian forest.  The ancient soils were first cultivated by the Lenni Lenape women, growing corn, beans and squash.

Today the landscape is a diverse patchwork of small farms, fields and forests where a delicious variety of food is produced.   The Straight Out of the Ground CSA started in 2007 with a casual CSA, delivering boxes of produce to a cafe in Greenpoint for people to pick up.  People boxes are now called shares and the casual CSA embraces the traditional CSA model of subscriptions with the intention of cutting a steady path for a handful of Catskill farms and urban communities that value sustainable and human-scale economies.

CHEFS we currently work with:

Michael Hegeman, Zephyr Restaurant

Haegeen Kim, Dotory

Devin Mills, Peekamoose Restaurant

Charles Rodriguez, Print

Rita Sodi, ISODI