PICNICS at the FARM, We are offering a weekly menu of authentic, locally-grown Korean dishes for small parties to enjoy at private picnic sites. You’ll be able to stay socially distant while getting close to nature in the fresh air. We will be inviting guests to join us on the farm for these informal picnics each Thursday, Friday and Sunday from August 2nd to October 11.

Farmers Markets

Updated July 27, 2020

Woodstock Farm Festival 3pm-7pm Veggies, Banchan 반찬 and Kimchee.


Kingston Farmers Market 9am-2pm with  Banchan 반찬 and Kimchee.
 UNSQ Greenmarket 8am-4pm

Fort Greene Park Greenmarket 8am-3pm.                              

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket                                        

McCarren Park, Greenmarket alternate Saturdays            

Pakatakan Farmers Market at the Round Barn  9am-1pm with Veggies + Banchan 반찬

79th Street Greenmarket 9am - 5pm

 UNSQ Greenmarket 8am-5pm