PICNICS at the FARM, immersive and memorable

2022 Picnic Season June 18 - Oct 2

Saturdays + Sundays

2 sessions per day, 5:30pm+ 7pm

Picnics in the field and along the stream are seasonal and thoughtful food events and we appreciate your time to RSVP.  Reserve your fieldside spot for a magical and nourishing meal with your friends and family. 

$30-$35 per person. includes, a picnic site, Korean farm picnic, herbal tea 

Solo or groups up to 6 people are welcome.  Pets are ok, on a leash and not to barky. 

Couple things to note to enhance your picnic experience.  We meet fieldside, but the bathrooms are located across the street at the house, please use our bathrooms and not pee in the field.  Mosquitoes and other flying bugs abound, we recommend stocking up on Locust Grove Soap Company's Skeeter Beeter, its au natural and works!  The ground is uneven, please wear footwear that promotes comfort.