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BibimBap with beef/chicken/clams

Kimchee Harvest

BibimBap with beef/chicken/clams

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Bulgogi,  translated in Korean, Bul (fire) Gogi (meat). Local and seasonal proteins this season are pastured chickens, grass fed beef and RI clams.

Farm Bibimbap means that our kitchen's produce is from our gardens and forests. The 'standard traditional' bibimbap ingredients have specific culinary qualities, balancing color, tang, salt, umami, etc... so the Bibibim/Mixed Bap/ Rice is jamming with different textures and flavors in every bite.  This season, Brother Arthur is pasture raising chickens and growing vegetables in Bovina and with a bi-weekly trip to Eklunds meat processing joint in Stamford.  Quarter and half chickens are butchered and with three grills to fire up at the farm, Arthur is in his element for serving it up!, ask anyone, and they'll tell you, Arthur makes the 'best' food.  

Farm BibimBap produce and protein can change weekly, sign up to the farm newsletter for a Thursday update of our ingredients list for bibimbap and picnics and stay connected to the action of our time in the field, kitchen, at market and workn kimchee on facebook or instagram.